Storage Equipment


All Allround Storage products are being produced in-house. We are using the highest quality components in our products, which are being assembled by our skilled staff in India. Because we assemble our machines in India, we can deliver the equipment for a lower price, without any compromise on product quality.

Preview: Air Plenums


Depending of the storage system, an air plenum may be needed for air distribution through the product. Allround designs these air plenums and delivers them as a kit that can be installed quickly.

Important features

  • Engineered for optimal air flows
  • Durable, water proof construction
  • For new storages and renovation of existing storages
  • Delivered as a kit with all the needed installation materials

Preview: Air Hatch & Control


For ventilation with outside air the air inlet and outlet hatches are needed. Allround Hatches are made of PIR sandwich panels to ensure proper insulation of the storage section.

Important features

  • Nearly indestructible hinges, normally used for insulated doors
  • Hatch flap overlaps the gap in the wall to avoid thermal bridges
  • Rubber seal can optionally be fitted with heating wire to avoid freezing of the flap to the frame during cold periods
  • Can be made in many different colors
  • The racks and pinion-houses for the automation of the hatch have been used in greenhouses for decades

Made of:

  • Hatch made of PIR sandwich panels
  • Durable and weatherproof sealing rubber
  • Galvanized steel frame and hatch cover

Preview: Air Ducts


Bulk storage of agricultural product require air ducts where the conditioned air can be blown into to be divided throughout the heap. The most practical and hygienically option is to use semicircular air ducts. The ducts are produced in our own factory.

Important features

  • Can be placed by one person
  • Easy and compact stacking when not in use
  • Extremely strong
  • Clear type marking on each element
  • Product friendly location of the perforations

Made of:

  • Galvanised perforated curved steel plates
  • Thickness 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm or 1.6 mm depending on size

Preview: Fans


Fans are an integral part of the storage system, and therefore it is very important the proper type of fans are chosen for the right application. Furthermore, fans should be reliable and able to work under difficult circumstances. Our fans are designed especially for agricultural applications.

Important features
• Highly efficient motors
• Proven construction
• Strong and reliable

• Cast aluminium fan blade
• Ring made of galvanized steel
• Ring shape is designed to prevent turbulence

Preview: Fans

Preview: Heat Exchanger


All kind of stored agricultural products are sensitive to high CO₂ levels. CO₂ levels that are too high can affect the quality of the product. For example during storage of industrial potatoes, high CO₂ levels can affect the frying quality. In systems where a lot of outside air is used, it is not difficult to control the CO₂ level. In hot climates or cold climates, where use of outside air is limited, a CO₂ heat exchanger is the best solution.

Important features

  • Controls the CO₂ under all conditions
  • Energy savings up to 90%
  • Standard unit for up to 1000 ton potatoes


  • Heat exchanger
  • Housing made of galvanized steel

Preview: Allround Sensors


Optimal storage conditions can only be achieved with the help of accurate sensors. Allround produces its sensors in the factory in India where they are produced under optimal conditions. Furthermore, our sensors only leave the factory after a thorough testing procedure.

Important features

  • Pt-1000 temperature sensor class A according DIN EN 60751
  • 4 wired connection to eliminate cable resistance fluctuation
  • High accurate RH sensor even in the high humidity range 90%-100%
  • RH sensor with back up control sensor with automatic calibration control
  • CO₂ long life sensor 0 – 10.000 ppm.

Preview: Supermist


Since some agricultural products need to be stored under quite humid conditions, it is often necessary to add moisture to the air. For this application Allround has developed a high-pressure pump system which is able to humidify the air with droplets which are about 5,5 μm (1/1000 millimeter, or micron) in diameter on average. This provides the store with the necessary humidity.

Preview: Supermist

Important features

  • Plug-and-play system
  • Capacity of 1 liter / minute
  • Maximum pressure of 80 bar / 1145 psi


  • High pressure pump
  • Triple filter unit with 25, 10 and 5 μm filters
  • Set of tubes
  • Anti-drip nozzles
  • Nylon tubing coil

Preview: Switch Panels


The engineers working for Allround storage have already more than 30 years of experience in developing switch panels in the agricultural storage business. Before leaving the factory, the panels are thoroughly tested in a situation where a storage situation is simulated, so we know everything is working well.

Important features

  • Durable enclosure of the panel made by Rital
  • Components are Schneider Electrics
  • Leaves the factory thoroughly tested

Preview: Mechanical Cooling


The storage system of Allround Storage is set up in such a way that outside air is used to cool the product whenever necessary. However, in some conditions this is not feasible. For this Allround Storage provides Turn Key Coolers. These units can be easily installed and integrated in an existing system. Only first class components like Bitzer compressors and Danfoss applications are used. Only cooling gasses are used with the lowest GWP values.


The Turn Key Cooler DX is a compact machine with integrated compressor/ condenser unit, evaporator and outside/mix air ventilation unit.

Important features

  • Easy to install and nearly maintenance free
  • Extended evaporator with wide fin spacing in order to prevent dehydration of the product
  • Extended condenser unit for tropical conditions
  • Thermic bridges reduced to a minimum due to separated internal and external part.

Preview: Mechanical Cooling


The Turn Key Chiller Cooler is a system with two circuits. The turnkey chiller unit is a compact machine with inbuilt compressor/condenser unit, including heat exchanger and pump for the second water based circuit. Inside the rooms the evaporators are water based.

Important features

  • All mechanical components are in the first circuit only, in a very compact way. A minimum of cooling gas can be used, the combination of a minimum amount of cooling gas and a low GWP value will give the best environmental friendly footprint.
  • No tubes with refrigerant in the food storage sections.
  • Because of water based evaporators, the temperature difference in the evaporator can be adjusted perfectly according the use. With a very low temperature difference dehydration of the product will be prevented, with a high temperature difference the same system can be used for products what will need low relative humidity.
  • Easy to install and nearly maintenance free
  • Extended condenser unit for tropical conditions

Preview: Loading and unloading machines


In order to fill and empty the store, Allround Vegetable Processing delivers a complete range of loading & unloading machines.

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