Reasons to Store

  1. The user can profit from market price developments During harvesting season, there is plenty of product available on the market, which has a negative effect on the price. Then after a period of time the product is becoming more scarce. With a storage facility the user is able to profit from these higher prices.
  2. Decay of the product is avoided A well-designed storage facility enables the user to dry, cool, and store the product by creating the optimal temperature, humidity and CO₂ levels. By creating the optimal storage conditions disease and sprouting is prevented, and the product quality is maintained.
  3. Weight loss is reduced to a minimum Since the product is sold mostly by weight, weight loss results in fewer profit. Besides all the hard work that is done on the field to reduce damages, the storage system has a large influence on maintaining the weight of the product. Especially the drying cycle in the process of potato storage is important.
  1. The storage facility will act as a buffer for the processing line Especially for industrial factories that produce for example French Fries, there needs to be a constant supply of produce going to the line. A storage facility enables these factories to operate around the clock.
  2. Reducing the environmental footprint Transporting produce over a large distance is quite heavy on the environment. In areas that cannot fulfill supply the whole year, the only options are importing the product from areas where it is plentiful, or using a storage system.