Introduction to Allround Storage

The story of Allround Storage starts with QTP in 1980, a company focused on the delivery of equipment for the storage of potatoes, vegetables and seeds. The most important part of the storage system is the computer automation. The storage automation is developed together with a-Lab, a company from Finland specialized in measurement and control technology, data gathering and wireless monitoring systems.

Over 1000 storage facilities are now controlled by Allround Storage. The projects are located all over the world from Latin-Americas to Asia and Russia. We have strong experience of all climate zones from tropical to Siberia. There are over 200 turn-key projects installed in Russia starting from the 1980’s until present day.

In the beginning of the new millennium the focus shifted to southern Europe. In this area potato growing and storage was still under development. Combined with subsidies from the EU and the development of several industrial potato plants, over 120 projects were realized in southern Europe. To this day, QTP is the standard for storage in Spain. During this period QTP, Allround Vegetable Processing and a-Lab completed several integrated projects.

In 2005, Allround founded a company in India. With this presence at the Indian market, Allround learned that the main issue in Indian agriculture were the high during long-term storage of potatoes, carrots and onions. With the help of several subsidies, pilot projects are realized in India.

In 2008, the activities of QTP are integrated in Allround Storage. In India, the storage of potatoes in bulk is a hit, and soon more projects are realized. Because of the experience of Allround Storage in storage under tropical conditions McCain and PepsiCo are now able to store product for longer in India, making Allround Storage the preferred supplier with the best storage results.

Allround Storage is now an integral brand within the Allround name. A dedicated production team is formed in India, where all the production is taking place. In the same place, all cooling equipment, loading and unloading machines and processing equipment is produced. In the period from 2011 to 2014 storage equipment for 200.000 tons of potatoes, vegetables and seeds are installed in 4 continents.