Potato Dryer


Specifications Value
Length with outlet chute 2825 mm
Width total machine 1940 mm
Number of rolls 17
Length of rolls 1400 mm
Height in / out feed adjustable
Rollers are covered with felt
Plating stainless steel
Material frame Zinc sprayed steel
Material rollers Stainless steel
Plastic chute for pressed water PVC
Electric switch board Left / Right side if needed
Motor rollers 2,2 kW 20:1
  • By-pass

In an Allround VP integrated line, not all products are to be dried. For this reason, Allround VP can equip the machine with a by-pass belt which is mounted on the frame of the machine. In this case, the machine is equipped with wheels to make sure the switch between drying and not drying the produce can take place rapidly.


The Allround VP Potato dryer is designed to dry potatoes after washing. This is done by felt rollers. These felt rollers absorb water that comes with the potatoes after washing. In their turn, these felt rollers are wringed out by stainless steel rollers.

The machine is equiped with stainless steel plates, to ensure durability of the machine.