Specifications Value
Waste cute optional
Waste belt optional
Platform optionally 1 or 2
Frequency inverter optional
Light strip optional
Sub frame optional


  • A frequency inverter

In order to control the flow of produce on the table, a frequency inverter can be offered to manually set the speed of the belt. Allround VP highly recommends this option.

  • Light strip

In order to get a better view of the produce, Allround VP offers the optional light strip

  • Chute

In order to allow the laborers to discart the waste found at the manual inspection belt, a chute can be mounted to the table which redirects the produce to for example a box. Allround recommends one chute per two laborers.

  • Waste belt

The most efficient way to transport the rejects is mounting a waste belt at the table. This waste belt can put the rejects in a box.

  • Aisle

An aisle can be made, where the laborers can throw the rejects.

  • Platform

In order to have the most efficient inspection position for the workers, a platform can be ordered. Allround VP offers single and double platforms.


The inspection table is designed to enable the workforce to manually select the produce in the most efficient way possible. The manual inspection belt is suitable for all produce, but mostly used for carrots and set onions.